The MELAB Essay

There is a test for learners of English as a second language called the MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessmant Battery) that is often an accepted alternative to the national TOEFL exam. My linguistics professor gave us some samples of students' MELAB essays from about ten years ago; this is the best one on the list. It's far from perfect technically, but damn if it doesn't make you smile.

If you could spend the afternoon with anyone in the world, who would you pick? Why?

If I were the lucky person who could spend an afternoon with Arthur Miller, that would be a great moment in my life. He, Arthur Miller, is the author of the great drama "Death of A Salesman". I like this book very much, and as so the writer himself.
FIrst, I would ask him about his ideas on modern tragedies. Since he has states that tragedies can have happy endings, and tragedies should entertin more hopes, therefore, I should clearify about those points. Moreover, there must be differences between old-age tragedy and modern tragedy; this question has been confused me for a long time. It's good to be with Arthur Miller.
Next, I believe Arthur Miller is a person with humour. Being with a friend like him, nothing could stop our conversations. Discussing about whether the world is round or not, discussing how many words of humour can be added to his drama; nearly everything can be our topic. It's good to be with Arthur Miller.
Then, we could have a snake at a donus shop. With a cup of coffee, we could taste it precisely and give commands about it. We start to fussy about everything: the air conditionang is not cool enough, the sets are not in proper place etc. Although nobody would listen to what we complain, who care? It's still good to be with Arthur Miller.
Finally, we don't think time has a limit. An afternoon is easily spend with Arthur Miller.

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