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Tom Waits
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Never drive a car when you're dead.
Tom Waits

* Who am I?

My name is Nora Stevens Heath, and my husband Chris and I have registered this domain name for our Webspace. His last name is Heath, and Heath plus Stevens pretty much equals Heathens. He's from New Zealand, so we figured this would be a pretty cool domain to have. (We got married on May 25, 2001, and our son Dashiell was born on August 22, 2006.)

I graduated from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts on May 1, 1999. I'm keeping all of my university computing stuff--Web pages, my E-mail address, and access to the Oxford English Dictionary--for a mere $9.96 per month. The OED alone is well worth it, trust me.

I hold a bachelor's degree in both Japanese and linguistics. I was certified at the highest level of Japanese language proficiency in December 2001. You can peruse my résumé if you'd like.

I'm a freelance Japanese translator; I also used to dabble in professional Webdesign, but now it's just for fun.

* More about me

New stuff here! See what you can learn about me from what books I'm reading: check out my reading list. Alternatively, here's the playlist, more or less, for what I'm listening to these days.

* The Fanky Tomato Show's newest graphics-intensive romp

New stuff here! My grandma and I went to Oregon in September 2004 to visit my aunt/her older daughter.

* Bunch o' Quotes

A page with some of my favorite quotes. New ones are added as they're found. If you have some you think belong here, let me know.

* Jokes and other cleverness

A collection of humor, extended groan-worthy puns, and witty lists. I suppose some bits may be offensive to some people, but most, if not all, of it should make you laugh out loud.
Along the same lines is Dennis Miller's infomercial rant from his old show on HBO. This selection differs from those above in that this one is most definitely offensive. Funny as hell. But offensive. You've been warned. *

* Should-see TV

* Final Fantasy lyrics and stuff

I've compiled a lot of lyrics from vocal arrangements of songs from the acclaimed Final Fantasy series of games by Squaresoft. They come in a variety of languages and are here to give you respite from your crazy everyday life. As the song (Roaming Sheep) says, "Take a rest on the earth."
I also have a similar collection of music from the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series of games.

Now! The FFV FAQ is available here as well as my U of M account. Tell your friends--heck, tell your enemies, too. And tell me and the other contributors what you think.

* The Obligatory List O' Links
Even Vaguely Japanese
  • A great place to hang out when you're in Hikone, Japan: Gozare. These kind and exceedingly friendly folks also really know their coffee.
  • The final presentation I gave in Japan some years ago. (In Japanese.)
  • My final paper for Japanese 375: Japanese Popular Music--It's Only Love: Modern Japanese Love Song Lyrics as Texts.
  • Another paper: "Shinnosuke - Shin no Ke: Crayon Shinchan and Japanese Society".
  • An online Japanese-English dictionary.
  • One of my favorite authors, Haruki Murakami, has a few Web pages devoted to him.
  • The Quirky Japan Homepage lets you glimpse a different side of a complicated country.
Not Japanese At All

Keep shutters close or monkey make you crazy.

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